Opt For Airport Transfers

Tips on travelling are helpful for those who haven’t travelled ever or those who are a bit out of the loop so have a look here to get the information on airport transfers. Having organised transport is a very safe way to travel in a country you aren’t familiar with.

What To Do When You Land

So how do you get transport after you land? Have your transfer prebooked and there waiting for you, it will make your life easier instead of queuing for taxis or rental cars.

Luxury transportation is something that almost never fails to impress anyone. If you think of a luxury car you imagine a chauffeured car to drive you around on your trip. Airports transfers and limos are lifesavers when it comes to this plus you don’t need to be aware of directions and can just enjoy the scenery that’s going past you. This form of transport represents sophistication and opulence not something many would treat themselves to every day.

If your hotel/accommodation is quite a distance from local amenities airport transfers can be used throughout your week if you book in advance. The service is great for those looking to wind down for their time away.

Capacity and Costs

One of the most important things to consider when organising an airport transfer is how many passengers you will need to accommodate. The reasoning for this is you must also take into account their luggage, avoiding cramming. There are plenty of different types of vehicle available from corporate car to a limo – the choice is up to you. Note: if any passengers are children without luggage you may be able to fit another passenger.

As airport transfers are (mostly) privately booked and are just for your party, make sure to let the company know of any special requests or services you will need. These may cost more so ask for a price when booking to avoid hidden costs.

Prices vary depending on time of year (holidays), availability (during holidays/events) and the day of the week (weekends) and your destination (distance).

Make sure to organise where you will be collecting when you arrive – what terminal and time. Many transfer services either wait outside or the driver will wait for you inside with a sign. It may be more expensive to be collected as some airports have taxes to set down etc. Prices of airport transfers tend to include fuel, tax and insurance.

Corporate Service

Airport transfers are great for corporate purposes. Give your client a great first impression by having them collected on time and looked after by getting the VIP treatment. All chauffeurs are trained in the standards of executive customer service.

The main point of the post is to say how beneficial airport transfers will be to you and it’s worth getting one to travel stress free.

Tips To Breeze Through Airport Security Like A Pro

Airports are so busy all hours of the day so I’m going to give you a few tips to try and make the whole process easier, from walking in to flying out.

Get There Early. One of the worst things that can happen is to get lost and potentially miss your flight. So, arrive early, 2 hours minimum if it is new to you, to be able to have the luxury of calmly and slowly getting through the airport processes. Check-in and security waiting lines can vary when you travel and since new liquid regulations have come in the process has gotten longer. If it happens that you’ve cleared everything early – relish it.  If you’re going on holiday the last thing you want is to have to run through the airport like someone in a movie, instead you want to start your holiday from here and be relaxed.

Pack Wisely Packing your carry-on or check-in bag correctly avoids many issues that may arise. A tidy case means screening is easier reducing the chances that it will be taken aside and searched through for something that showed up incorrectly. An overweight bag causes problems when you have to start taking things out and possibly leaving them behind or even wearing them so weight your bag beforehand. Don’t pack electronics in either bag as they must be screened separately, so have them at hand to put them in the tray at your ease.

Keep Your Documents Safe Many people, when they go through an airport misplace their passport and boarding passes between all the different stages and screening so make sure you have somewhere to put them each time. This plan will leave you in no doubt as to where they are every time you are called to produce them. Most airlines now have apps where you can check-in and have an online boarding pass to scan instead of a paper version. Unless you manage to lose your phone on a regular basis this is a great solution and will save you every more worry. Keep copies of your documents-visas, passports etc.-with you in case  they are stolen or you misplace them while away.

Dress Accordingly One of the biggest mistakes a traveller can make is to dress in the wrong clothes. By that I mean wearing lots of jewellery that has to be taken off, wearing belts, wearing shoes that have buckles upon buckles and that take an age to put on and take off. Wear clothes as if you are already on holiday. Avoid putting too many layers on plus a jacket and whatever else because they all have to be removed during screening plus you’re holding up everyone behind you and no one likes ‘that person’. Pockets can hold an endless amount of things that will take a while to take out-wallet, phone, passport, loose cash and change- that will no doubt go off through the scanner so avoid clothes with pockets or just don’t store things in them until you get to the other side. And finally..

Be Ready By Knowing The Rules The most important rule that is always emphasised is about the liquid restrictions. In recent years, the amount and quantities allowed on aircrafts has been reduced so it pays to research what your providers specific rules are. In general, the main rule of thumb is only to have one small airport approved bag which holds your liquids all of which should be under 100ml. You are entitled to have larger quantities in your checked luggage but don’t try to break the rules. Your item will be noticed and confiscated immediately so do not argue your case as security have the final decision. Once you follow these rules your experience should be more enjoyable and help you for future flights. To finish off your stress-free travel, have an airport transfer organised at the other end so you can hop straight in and be on your way to your destination.

Car Services To The Airport

Getting to an airport can be a stressful time. Firstly you have to decide how you’re going to get there- your own car, taxi, airport bus or car service. It actually makes the most sense to get the latter service in reality, and let me tell you why.

Cost Comparison

Although driving your own car seems like the best and cheapest option, most of the time this is not the case. Whether it’s short or long term parking you choose, the cost itself is extortionate in comparison. The effort of finding the space and then hauling your luggage, especially if you are away for a significant amount of time just makes it an ordeal. By choosing the car service you get driven to the door and helped with your luggage but you’ve also no worry about getting a space or mounting fees as you’re away. If you’re travelling for work it also allows you to do work or prepare on your way there.

Convenience Of A Car Service

If travelling in a large group taxis to the airport isn’t really an option. The possible miscommunication could result in missed flights or just being split up in the airport – neither ideal situations. If you’re banking on taxis there is a possibility a taxi may not turn up leaving half at the airport and the others at the starting point. With a car service, as it is organised in advance, the driver knows your itinerary and will have you there with plenty of time to spare. Nobody likes to start a trip with a stressful situation so you can avoid it.


As mentioned above, taxis not turning up can be disastrous and have an effect on who gets to the airport and if they even make the plane. Taxis might get stuck in traffic if you book it just a few minutes before you want to leave so have an organised car service. These services aim to make your travel stress free and have you there relaxed and in time for your trip.

Finally the fourth advantage is..

Enjoy Comfort On The Way There

A clean interior because of less frequent use and up kept standards make your journey much more comfortable.





Should I Get An Airport Transfer? YES!

Problems With Flying

Flying can be a stressful time for all involved – by yourself, with a group or family, sometimes it doesn’t make any difference. To help you overcome this keep reading this post on how to beat the stress.

Travelling abroad can be very costly and if you don’t want to hire and drive a car to you destination your plan may be to get taxis or a bus there. Don’t do it to you, or your pocket. Travelling abroad can be costly plus add on the price of tipping drivers. The worry about not having enough funds for the remainder of your holiday defeats the idea of going on holiday to begin with so use the following solution to save some money.

So what’s is the solution? Airport transfers.

When you arrive off a plane to a new country one of the first things you may encounter is a language barrier. At an airport, the volume of passengers coming and going can make it a lengthy and sometimes impossible process to get transport. With these factors being a large issue for many passengers, it makes getting to where you’re staying harder to communicate so have everything pre-arranged for when you get there.

An airport transfer driver will be there to greet you right off the plane. There will be no doubt about how you’re going to get to your hotel or house as your driver already knows the destination. The chances are when you put in all your details to book your transfer you paid in advance availing of a reduced price offer leaving the worry of how much is it going to be, out the window. The most you have to do is tip your driver and  thank them for getting you there safely.

Another massive bonus of this service is the fact you can book your departure day and time while booking your arrival itinerary, again avoiding worrying how you’re going to get back to the airport at the end of your stay.

Most taxis abroad only have room for four passengers and little space for luggage and when you travel with family, children or in groups this couldn’t be less ideal. Even the average family of 5 wouldn’t fit in one taxi – doubling the price it should cost to get there, people carriers are few and far between when abroad so don’t bank on there being on there.

Dublin Airport Transfers

LFLCS – Airport Transfers

If your looking to travel to and from Dublin Airport for Business, LFLCS is the chauffeur for you. Here at PriceMeLess we checked out the service last time we were in Dublin and we were very impressed by the service, here are some of reasons we think you should choose LFLCS:

  • They will collect you any time you want and on any day you want.
  • One of the best things about LFLCS is there great customer service, from the convenience of booking to  how polite the chauffeur driver is…and funny!
  • Paying was also so easy you could do it online so there was no having to collect receipts to try claim business expenses.
  • Best of all how stylish and clean the cars were, if you arrive in a LFLCS car you will be bound to turn a few heads.

Book your Chauffeur for business here 

The Airport Of Murcia And The Best ways To Get Around

Murcia airport is an air base and civilian airport. The airport is not situated in the city of Murcia. It is located in San Javier, which is seventeen miles south of the city of Murcia. The airport is run by the Spanish airport authority. The runways have the ability to handle a variety of planes. The largest airplanes it can handle are Boeing 757 or 767 aircrafts.

The airport has actually grown in the past ten years from a very little operation to a much larger airport providing international air travels. This development has resulted in more choices in flights and airlines. The airport has gotten much more popular with tourists seeing the southern areas of the Costa Blanca. Many of these flights originate in the United Kingdom.

Flights into Murcia Airport

A variety of large and discount airlines fly into this airport from all over the world. The majority of the travellers are checking out the southern area of the Costa Blanca, including Torrevieja. As the airport increases in popularity, airline companies expand their offerings. This gives travellers more choice in flights and discount fares.

A number of charter airline companies utilize this airport. It’s a popular destination for charter groups. These are usually used by bigger groups of people travelling together to the Costa Blanca region. A travel agent can help you with information about charter groups and airlines.

This airport is becoming busier recently. As a result more low cost airlines are operating at the airport. The passengers using this airport have increased ten fold since 1995. Currently, approximately 848,000 people fly into Murcia each year. This number continues to grow each year.

In response to this boost in traffic, the terminal was broadened in 2004. The incurable now includes car hire business, five new airport shops and additional luggage carousels. Further expansion is planned in the future. There is some talk about a new airport at some future point as demand continues to increase.

Transportation from Murcia Airport

Once you have come to the Murcia airport, you will need to arrange for transport to your last destination. There are not bus or train routes at the airport. You will need to arrange for a car hire, airport transfer or take a taxi. It’s best to think about the method of transportation you will use before you arrive in Murcia. Car hire or airport transfer should be reserved beforehand.

You can arrange for a car hire at the airport. Four companies operate at the airport: Centuaro, Europa, Eurocar and Solmar. These are all located in the main terminal building. A car hire is a good choice for convenience and flexibility. Compare prices on the internet to get the finest deal. Constantly reserve your car before you leave home to get the best deal and to ensure availability.

Taxis are located outside the terminal building. They are generally lined up waiting for passengers. You may have to wait a short time for a taxi. Murcia isn’t a large airport and the await a taxi typically isn’t very long. Taxis can bring a maximum of four people, so plan appropriately. The cost depends on the destination. The further you are travelling the more expensive the fare.

Airport transfers are the most convenient and most cost effective way to travel. Transfers are available to train stations and larger cities. You must book this in advance. Reserve your space directly with the company. This can be done through a travel agent or with the company. An airport transfer company can handle families or groups of up to fifty people. This alternative is much better than a taxi for bigger households or groups.


Leave Your Airport Parking Fears Behind

We all look forward to jetting off for a week or two in the sun, but flying from any airport automatically raises the issues of how we will get to the airport from house and back again at the end of the trip.

For numerous, getting to the airport by bus or train is extra hassle that they simply do not want to, especially if they are catching an early air travel, staying in a hotel or will certainly be taking a trip with children or lots of baggage.

The easiest way to obtain to the airport is to drive, however parking can be pricey. On-site long term parking at any airport is pricey and although you can take advantage of companies that provide parking outside the airport and bus you in, it’s simply not as practical as being dropped off best outdoors arrivals.

The very best way to see to it that your trip to the airport is smooth and trouble-free is to book a taxi. A good company will pick you up from house and take you to the best entrance at your terminal, and will be waiting for you on your return. This suggests that all you need to do is pay the taxi at the start of your vacation and find it when you get house. By utilizing a taxi service, you’ll benefit from:

  • Hassle-free travel
  • Space and convenience
  • Arrival on time at the airport
  • Minimize costly parking costs
  • No bus transfers to off-site parking lot

There are hundreds of airport taxi companies who can help you to extend your vacation by making the trip to and from the airport as easy and comfortable as possible. You don’t need to fret about the security of your vehicle whilst you are away, or perhaps take your automobile keys on holiday with you. Using a dependable taxi service means that you can be sure that you will certainly be picked up when you arrive– even if your airplane is delayed. You can’t beat that type of service as an excellent addition to your long-awaited vacation.